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22+ year trading veteran Bill Matthews just sunk $100k into
some new, custom Forex "trade prediction" software program, and
it is not a robot or expert advisor.
From what I can tell, it uses having a high level of
accuracy an algorithm similar to those utilized on the
institutional level to let you find the trend AND
capitalize on it prior to other traders even realize
there is a trend setting up...
...after which it "spits out" distinct trade alerts, along
with entry orders and initial stop & profit target orders.
For a second I thought this was just another "black box"
gimmick... until I saw that Bill backs it all up by showing
you the step-by-step trading rules for the 10 different 
trading strategies.
If you've been trying to to figure out how to make MORE
money trading Forex while spending LESS time, you NEED to
check out Bill's new training presentation:
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Good Trading,
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